ORIIMR Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a work by overseas returned students learn high-tech joint venture founded by Dr. The company set design, manufacturing, sales size enterprises in. Major R & D manufacture and sale of press automation equipment, whole plant stamping press automation planning, product marketing across the country, widely praised by the industry,
NC 3 in 1 feeder, especially triple number of fields recognized auto ...

Automotive filters whole plant planning
Two in one whole plant planning
Link manipulator stamping field
Mitsubishi elevator stamping field
Auto filter whole plant planning
Case study of 10mm use of heavy beam
guang qi chuang qi case
3 in 1 feeder
One corner of the assembly workshop
Yaw servo feeding machine
Case of thick plate three in one feeding
6.0mm 3 in 1 feeder case
Filter customer site case